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How do printers identify color distortion?

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How to distinguish color distortion? The printing industry is a colorful world. When it is controlled, it will be distorted by color. In the face of complex color system, how should we do the work of color distortion, how should the printing factory pre-press and pre-press control? Color management has been noticed by many printing factories. The basic principles and terminology of color management have become our necessary knowledge. In the daily production of the printing house, we can easily use the instruments and systems to control our production process in order to achieve our quality objectives. Only by color management, there will not a lot of distortion in the printing house.

The various color modes are also related to each other. There are three modes in total. One is RGB mode, composed of red, green, and blue light. The other is CMYK mode, composed of cyan, magenta, yellow and black four-color ink, which is used in printing. The RGB mode is mainly used on the display screen, so it is also called color light mode. This is not suitable for printing. Each ink is used in amounts ranging from 0% to 100%, while more colors are produced by mixing CMY inks, which add up to red, green and blue. Since the CMY three inks cannot form pure black when printing, a separate black ink K is required to form a CMYK color pattern.

The greater the amount of ink in the printing house, the heavier the color, the darker the opposite color, the less the number of inks, the brighter the color, and the basic color of the above printing. The printer should check the documents when the customer gives us the documents, so the CMYK mode is called subtraction, and the lab has another mode, which is a light-colored theoretical recording mode. The printing factory model does not emphasize this because it has a small conflict with our printing method. Look at how different the color values we print, there are two reasons for color distortion: color recovery processing distortion, because we mentioned above, the other is color processing distortion, as mentioned above, printing usually the color and C reproduction, M, Y, K four-color ink, due to the purity of the ink itself, printing will also produce color distortion. If it is RGB format, we will convert it to CMYK for publishing.

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