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What are the factors that affect chromatic aberration?

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1) Computer monitors and prints have different imaging principles; computer screen monitors are imaged in RGB color light, and prints are printed in CMYK four-color mode. Due to different imaging principles, there are color differences between screen display and printed products. In addition, even if it is a computer screen, the color viewing will be different due to different brand models and individual color setting parameters.

2) All current products of Yunyin are printed in the same version. Because the printing of the printing cannot consider the requirements and adjustment of the color of a single customer, in general, the printing will have a printing color difference of about 10%, even if it is the same. Printed documents are printed on the same paper, and there is also a difference in coloring per batch.

3) During the printing process, the drying speed of the ink will be affected by the surrounding environment such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, the printing of different batches will be different due to the change of the environment in the printing workshop at different time periods, and the combination is adopted. Printing, multiple printings before and after the same document will have a certain probability of different color shades.

4) Different papers have different color rendering effects. The same printed document is printed on different materials, such as coated paper or ancient paper, which will result in different printing effects and color. This is the physical property of the material, if printed on the bottom. On colored paper (such as yellow kraft paper), of course, there will be greater chromatic aberration; in addition, post-processing on paper, such as bright film or matte film, will also affect the color.

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