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About Us

Qingdao Times Color Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a cultural creative and children's fun book production company integrating IP image and derivative design and development, animation production, pop-up books, toy book editing, manufacturing, publishing, and distribution. The international team has gathered top original artists, paper artists, directors, editors and other talents to realize the whole process development from creativity to production, and occupy a leading position on the precise track combining IP R&D operations and toy book development.

Main product exports:

Korea, USA, Europe, Australia, Hyundai, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Samsung Press, Blue Rabbit, Lucent Electronic, Creative Technology, Fuji Mint, Disneyland, Chanel

Our advantages

Geographical advantage - Low shipping cost to the destination port within two days
Technical advantage - Mature and rich experience in import and export
Cultural advantage - Inherit Confucian culture of honesty and trustworthiness

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