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How to choose a children's book?

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Parents, kindergartens, and publishers have problems with children's book selection:

(1) Parents are obviously biased in purchasing books and lack the necessary guidance for purchasing books.

Most parents think that “buying books to children is an educational investment.” They don’t hesitate to buy story books and educational books to develop early childhood intelligence. This kind of thinking is of course understandable, but it will result in the incompleteness of the types of books purchased. For example, the serious lack of books in the operation, science, and parent-child categories will cause children to have a concept that is more important than others. Reading skills and level of psychological development.

When classmates choose books, they focus on books that are connected with primary schools. The purpose is to prepare children for smooth entry into primary school. However, from the perspective of the content of books, most of these books are test classes, even primary school textbooks, which inevitably impose a great burden on children. More parents ask the children to complete certain content every day in the form of layout work, which is contrary to the natural development of young children.

In addition, a prominent feature of family children's books is that there are more cartoons as the main subject, and parents' reason for purchasing such books is "children like". Due to the prevalence of cartoons, it is not surprising that children prefer books of animated characters. They should also have such books. However, if parents only want to satisfy their children’s interest, they should not screen the interest and use of such books. The book purchased is only a simple repetition of the cartoon, so the value of the book is not great.

(2) The types of kindergarten collections are basically complete, and they complement each other with family collections.

There are more popular science books in the kindergarten collections, and there are fewer books with animation as the theme, which is basically complementary to the family collection. Popular science books are mostly used in the reading of corners of the library in kindergartens, while cartoon books are mainly brought by children from home and read in small areas. The reason is mainly because the teachers basically have a negative attitude towards such books, and believe that the violent color contained in them is not good for the development of young children. It is not advisable for young children to read such books in the classroom or even in the family, especially against children's imitation.

In addition, from the content of interviews with kindergarten teachers and directors, the basic starting point for kindergarten purchases is mainly children's interest and education and teaching needs, but when contradictions occur, the main basis is still the latter. It can be seen that adults view the choice of children's reading from the perspective of adults and from the perspective of adults. It is believed that the interest of young children can be slowly cultivated to approach the established educational goals. This is the contradiction between the development of young children and adult intervention. How to make "respect for children, child-centered" is no longer an empty talk, and every educator should be carefully considered.

(3) The low-school book publishing industry faces the contradiction of efficiency and quality

Low-yield book publishers, starting from their own economic benefits, pay more attention to the sales of books, considering the needs and aspirations of the main consumers, that is, the parents of the children. Therefore, in the process of its preparation, it is inevitable to focus on the education and cognitive training with strong stories. There is a lack of research on the development of psychology for reading comprehension at every stage. At the same time, due to the lack of legal restrictions in the low-book market and the speed and cost disputes caused by one-sided emphasis on results, the existing and diverse types of low-yield book market can be understood.

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